Developing reading and writing at Key Stage 3

Developing writing at Key Stage 3

Many examinations award marks for spelling, punctuation and grammar. It is therefore important that students work hard to improve spelling, punctuation and grammar during Years 7, 8 and 9. 

  • FlashAcademy is an app-based platform which accelerates language and literacy acquisition for English Additional Language (EAL) and Foundation learners. More information on this can be found in the following document: Flash Academy info for Parents/Carers

Developing reading at Key Stage 3

In addition, any reading, of both fiction or non-fiction, is always worthwhile in developing students’ literacy skills.

  • Students in Year 7 have been following an Accelerated Reader programme and can continue with the book they should have signed out of the library. More information on the Accelerated Reader programme can be found here: Accelerated Reader letter
  • Reading presents excellent opportunities for enhancing vocabulary and knowledge, in addition to being a relaxing and stress-free past time.  If your daughter or son has the time, we would absolutely encourage that they read widely and freely! As a school we encourage students to to read for pleasure and recognise that this is a key and enriching part of the KS3 curriculum. There are lots of places where students can go to access free books.  As a starting point we recommend:
    Other sites include: 
  • Finally, at Northgate, we subscribe to the website below which has hundreds of articles – it is great for all of the non-fiction reading that your daughter or son might encounter as they move through the school and progress on to their KS4 studies: This website requires them to use the following login details: Username: NORTHGATE1 (must be capitals) Password: 48796