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Film Studies GCSE

Course Overview

Film Studies at GCSE level provides students with an overview of the evolution of film art from its very beginnings to the present day. We take both an analytical and practical approach that looks at all aspects of cinema, spectatorship and meaning.

At GCSE students will closely analyse six films set by the Eduqas/WJEC exam board. Three films will be on the topic of American Mainstream and Independent Cinema and three covering British and Global Cinema, both past and present. These topics will consider the relationship between film production and audiences, narrative and genre. Students will be further assessed on key developments in film and film technology. Students will have the opportunity to create a film sequence or write a screenplay as part of their coursework.


Course Components

Component 1: Key Development in US Film

  • US Film comparative study
  • Key developments in film and film technology
  • US independent film

Components 2: Narrative, Representation and Film Style

  • Global English language film
  • Global non-English language film
  • Contemporary UK film

Key Info

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • None.


  • 70% Exam
  • 30% Coursework
  • Exam Board: Eduqas

Why Choose this Course?

Film Studies aims to inspire students to critically examine and form judgements on a range of films from across different eras and from across the globe. You will grow to appreciate the role of film in helping to understand the times in which they were created.  You will explore films from a range of cultures, including Hollywood productions and films from South Africa, Australia and the UK. The study of set texts within these cultures will range from sci-fi to drama; and horror to action.

Production work is an integral part of the course, and you will have an opportunity to apply your knowledge and understanding of how film sequences are constructed as you will create your own short film sequence.

Skills You Gain

GCSE Film Studies will develop your interest and enjoyment of film, and you will begin to develop an appreciation of cultural diversity.  Also, you will be able to recognise the ways in which films represent people, places, ideas, issues and events to different audiences. Furthermore, you will be able to recognise and explore the creative possibilities of film and film products. 

After Northgate

This course is suitable for students interested in further education in many subjects including those students intending to study Literature, Language, History, Sociology, Film Studies, Art, Photography, and Media and Cultural Studies courses at A Level. It may also be useful for a career in television, film, radio and journalism.

"Film Studies is fun and has helped me appreciate how and why films are made. It has made me realise that there are many types of different films out there and that films tell us important things about who we are."

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