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Creative iMedia

Key Stage 4 


What is Creative iMedia about?

Creative and Digital Media plays an important part in many areas of our everyday lives and is also an important part of the UK economy. There is a demand from employers for an increasingly skilled and technically literate workforce as more and more media products are produced digitally. Creative iMedia provides students with specific and transferable skills and a solid foundation in understanding and applying this subject, whether it is in employment or higher education.


What will students learn & how is this assessed?

The first two modules are mandatory; these are followed by two ‘optional’ units, with topics chosen by the teacher from a range specified by the exam board.


R093: Creative iMedia in the media industry

Completing this unit will provide students with the basic skills for further study or a range of creative job roles within the media industry. Some examples being: web designer, indie games developer, graphic designer, CGI specialist.

How it is assessed

  • External written paper: 1 hour 30 mins

  • Set and marked by OCR


R094: Visual identity and digital graphics

The second module will build on the skills, knowledge and understanding gained. The aim of this unit is for students to understand the basics of digital graphics editing for the creative and digital media sector.

How it is assessed

  • Centre-assessed tasks: approximately 10–12 hours

  • OCR moderated


Optional Units (one to be chosen by the teacher)
  • R095: Characters and comics

  • R098: Visual imaging

  • R096: Animation with audio

  • R099: Digital games

  • R097: Interactive digital media

How it is assessed

  • Coursework centre-assessed tasks: approximately 10–12 hours

  • OCR moderated


How will students be taught?

Students are taught in mixed ability classes. A range of teaching methods are used, including the use of Microsoft Teams and Class Notebooks and other technological tools which engage students, creating resilience and independence in them.


Examination board & course type

OCR – Cambridge National (J834)


What can studying this subject lead to?

This subject can lead into A level Computer Science or Media Studies. The skills obtained are also highly desirable in the workplace and in apprenticeships.  Our students go onto successful careers in technological industries.


Teacher to contact for further information

Mr A Howard


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