How to learn at GCSE

This section of the website contains study tips that will help students learn effectively at GCSE. For detailed advice on what is covered at GCSE in each subject and on how to revise in that area please follow this link for curriculum by subject.

How to learn effectively

This comprehensive video highlights effective learning habits and helps students to revise for tests and exams in a productive way. 


Every student at Northgate High School is able to access over 5,000 teacher-written, audio-visual podcasts, tailored to each exam board for many subjects. The pods are about four minutes long and can be viewed on mobiles, tablets and PCs. A guide on how to access GCSEPod and use it effectively can be found in the video above and the guidance below.

GCSEPod Northgate Student Guide

Year 11 Revision Advice booklet

Year 11 Revision Advice booklet

Working together... booklet

Working Together booklet

Further advice and resources for students are available on the school's Learning Portal via SharePoint. This can be accessed here.

As well as the information above, a selection of films, below, have been made by ex-Northgate students studying at our Sixth Form centre.

Using the mocks as a springboard for success

What methods and resources really worked

Making the most of GCSEPod