How to learn at GCSE

This section of the website contains study tips that will help students learn effectively at GCSE. For detailed advice on what is covered at GCSE in each subject and on how to revise in that area please follow this link for curriculum by subject.

How to learn effectively

This comprehensive video highlights effective learning habits and helps students to revise for tests and exams in a productive way. 

How to prepare for assessments

Revision Advice Leaflet

Year 11 Revision Advice Evening 2023

The ‘How to prepare for assessments’ guide and the presentation from our Year 11 Revision Advice Evening contain our key advice to help students revise. Please use the hints and tips, as well as the suggested resources, to make sure that revision is both focused and effective.

Further advice and resources for students are available on the school's Learning Portal via SharePoint. This can be accessed here.

As well as the information above, We asked some of our Sixth Form students about the revision techniques that work for them. Here is what they said...

Sixth Form Revision Techniques - Full video


Section 1 

  • Revision plans & Timetables

  • Managing your time

  • Building in regular breaks

  • The importance of testing 

Section 2

  •  Revising essay based subjects

  • Planning your week

  • Read and watch around a subject

  • Keeping focused

Section 3

  • Self confidence

  • Motivation

  • Mindset

  • Blank page retrieval  

Section 4

  • Quizlet

  • Settling the right environment

  • Blocking out distrsctions

  • Using past papers

Section 5

  • Active recall

  • Spaced practice

  • Flashcards

  • Mind Maps

Section 6

  • Starting early

  • Getting the balance right

  • Using question banks

  • Useful resources