Parent Teacher Association

The Northgate PTA has been in existence for many years and continues to thrive. We aim to link the parent-child relationship with the school, to create one big Northgate ‘family’ and continue to support the school by helping to provide equipment that assists in the education of pupils and students which is not provided for in the school budget. We are a registered charity, No 1039734, enabling us to receive Gift Aid donations and we are also registered with the Inland Revenue to receive donations from people's tax repayments (of overpaid Income Taxes). Our unique code is JAJ23VG.

Each year we donate over £7,000 to the school for various items of equipment for use across the whole school. The school runs many lunchtime and after-school clubs such as the Games Club, Friday Club, Friendship Club, Juggling Club, Computer Club, DT Boat Building Club, Gardening Club and the IET Formula 24 Project Group, all of which the PTA supports. We donate money to purchase equipment to enable these clubs to flourish and to help pupils and students mix and enjoy different activities together. We thank teaching and support staff who give up their time to run these clubs.

The PTA runs a '200 Club' paying out £65 in prize money each month. This club funds after-school extra-curricular activities, supplying equipment, sports clothing, transport costs to different venues and other items which support the activities of the sports teams, music ensembles, and Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

The PTA are members of TheGivingMachine - the online purchasing and armchair fundraising scheme for more than 6000 schools. Purchases can be made from more than 600 participating online stores, via . You buy the same products, at the same price, at the same shop but by accessing the shop’s website via TheGivingMachine website you can generate free cash donations to the PTA at no extra cost to you – every £100 spent online can generate over £3.50 in donations.

pta activitiesThe PTA commissions an art project from an A2 student each year, such as a sculpture or painting, on condition that it remains on display at Northgate for all to see in future years. We also help to celebrate the pupil's achievements at the school by providing four prizes for the annual Year 11 Presentation Evening.

Each year we hold an Entertainment Team Trivia and two General Knowledge Quiz nights, and a Craft Fayre. In addition everyone connected with Northgate joins together for the annual School Carol Service at St Margaret's Church with mince pies and refreshments provided by the PTA.

The PTA collects Morrison's Let's Grow vouchers and Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers.

We also collect empty inkjet and laser cartridges for recycling. Please send in your empty cartridges in poly bags; we accept cartridges from all manufacturers, with the exception of Epson and Brother inkjet cartridges. If parents or carers work for companies who do not recycle we can take their cartridges too. The school receives payment for each one.

A School non-uniform day is held each year with all donations being presented to PTA funds and we help at school evening functions and provide refreshments for various events. Finally, each June the PTA challenges the staff in the annual Cricket Match – always a keenly contested game!

The PTA always needs extra supporters able to offer an extra pair of hands to help at our events. If you would like to assist please telephone the School, leave your name and contact telephone number and a member of the PTA will be in contact with you.

The PTA allocated money for the purchase of the following items for the School during the year.

Extra-curricular school activities



(from the 200 Club)

Friday Lunchtime Club



for equipment

Year 11 Presentation Evening



for four prizes




towards soft seating area

Whole School



outside area project

PE Department



polo shirts

Drama Department



Arts Award Silver Qualification Club

Sixth Form



newspapers for the common room and Real World Day activities

ICT Club



Raspberry Pi units

Art and Photography Department



towards a SLR digital camera

DT Boat Building Club



materials to build a canoe

Juggling Club



new equipment

Lower School Fish Tank Club



new aquarium

Leadership in Learning



badges and polo shirts

Chemistry Club



towards creating a stained glass periodic table

IET Formula 24 Project Group



towards electric car kit