Student Absence Hotline ~ Telephone 01473 210123

Telephone line for parents or carers to notify school of student absence.

  • Ring before 8.45am on the day of any unplanned absence eg illness
  • Select option 2 Attendance Officer for Years 7-11
  • Select option 1 for Sixth Form absence
  • When prompted, leave your name, your child's forename and surname, their year group, and the reason for absence
  • Call again before 8.45am each morning your child remains absent


Students need to attend school regularly to benefit from their education, as missing out on lessons leaves them at risk of falling behind. Excellent attendance is vital if we are to ensure they succeed in school and in their future lives, and is an integral part of our ethos of social inclusion.

To read our Attendance Guidelines and Procedures please click on the following link:

Northgate Attendance Policy