Healthy Lifestyle Opportunities

Northgate High School is committed to offering healthy lifestyle opportunities to all its students. Northgate recognises the important connection between healthy eating and a student's ability to learn effectively and achieve high standards in school.

  • The food provided in school meets the nutritional standards laid down by the School Food Trust and reflects the ethical, cultural and medical requirements of staff and students e.g. religious, ethnic, vegetarian, medical, and allergenic needs.
  • Staff and students have access to drinking water during the school day.
  • The taught curriculum in technology provides opportunities for students understand diet, to plan recipes, budget, prepare and cook food. In science it aims to increase students' knowledge of food types, nutrition and the importance of a balance diet. In PSHEE and the tutorial programme issues relating to healthy lifestyles are discussed.
  • The curriculum aims to increase students’ knowledge of what constitutes healthy eating and this ethos is reflected in the catering provided on site.
  • The healthy eating ethos is also promoted by posters around the school, displays of students' work and the advance publication of menus.
  • Healthy eating is promoted to parents at parents' evenings, invitations to lunch, through the Northgate Review and Update, and parents' views are canvassed via questionnaires.