Science at Northgate allows students to explore and investigate science, developing knowledge and understanding that enables them to discover the world of science. Students develop an understanding of the procedures of scientific investigation and learn practical skills. Science teaching encourages students to develop a sense of curiosity by posing questions or practical problems for students to answer and solve.


Key Stage 3

What will students learn?

Please see the curriculum overview document at the bottom of this webpage.


How will students be taught?

Students study science for two lessons each week. Science is delivered in a series of units covering a mix of Physics, Chemistry and Biology topics. Practical skills are built into the units wherever possible. Additionally, students will complete a practical project that includes writing a hypothesis, planning and investigation, recording results, explaining trends, writing conclusions and evaluating the outcomes.


How will students be assessed?

Seven units are studied in each year. Six units have an end-of-unit test. Students complete a booklet during the practical skills unit which is assessed during the unit. Year 8 students will sit an end of year exam which based on units from Years 7 and 8. The aim of the exam is to help students to review key content and skills so they can make a great start to GCSE science.

Science Curriculum Overview 


Key Stage 4


Science – Combined

The course teaching is divided into the three science subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

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Science – Triple

The course teaching is divided into the three science subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Each subject is sub-divided into several theory modules, covering a vast...

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