PHSEE & Citizenship

Key Stage 3

Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education and Citizenship 

 A planned programme of PSHEE is delivered to Year 7 pupils once a week by the form tutor, over and above the usual registration times when the tutor is with the form.

 PSHEE enhances the work done in other areas of the curriculum and invites pupils to explore their individual responses, as well as general social and ethical responses, to issues of right and wrong and life and death. It is a responsibility which we share with parents and other adults and extends naturally to all teachers at Northgate.



  • To encourage positive attitudes to self and others

  • To promote a sense of responsibility for self and others within a caring community

  • To develop competence in social and communication skills and group participation

  • To be aware of the individual’s role within a larger group

  • To help pupils to evaluate and assess their own progress and relationships in the group

  • To develop personal skills which can be used across the curriculum

  • To develop study skills which can be used across the curriculum


Year 7 PSHEE and Citizenship

This is divided into three areas:

  1. Knowledge and understanding: understanding of themselves, friendships and their own feelings

  2. Qualities and attitudes: citizenship, the law, rights and responsibilities, sex education and topical issues

  3. Skills: for homework, study, using the Library, ICT, leisure time, presentations of written, oral and group work, careers


For more detailed information about what is studied each term in Years 7 to 9, please see the Parents’ Curriculum Guides in the Learning/Curriculum section of the school website.