French, German or Spanish

Key Stage 3

Northgate offers pupils a variety of languages throughout their school life. At Key Stage 3 all of our language courses (French, German, Spanish) aim to enable pupils to communicate successfully in the foreign language in practical situations, to learn about and understand aspects of the culture, customs and daily life of the relevant countries, and to encourage a positive attitude to foreign language learning and culture.

All pupils have timetabled access to the Language Centre facilities, enabling them to become familiar with interactive self-study languages software.

These courses are closely linked to the National Curriculum guidelines which ensure that lessons are taught mainly in the foreign language, with emphasis on real-life situations.


International Opportunities

The Languages Department offers a wide range of opportunities for international travel.


Items that will help with learning a language

An up-to-date French, German or Spanish dictionary is essential. It may be ordered through school.

For more detailed information about what is studied each term in Years 7 to 9, please see the Parents’ Curriculum Guides in the Learning/Curriculum section of the school website.


Key Stage 4

What will students learn?

Students will learn to communicate in French, German or Spanish on the following topics:

1. Identity and Culture

  • Daily life

  • Relationships, friends and family

  • Cultural life

2. Local Area, Holiday and Travel

  • Travel and tourist attractions

  • Holidays

  • Town, region and country

3. International and Global Dimension

  • Environment 

  • Events – sports, music etc

4. School

  • What school is like

  • School activities

5. Future Aspirations, Study and Work

  •  Languages beyond the classroom

  • Ambitions

  • Work


How will students be taught?

Students will already be familiar with the way languages are taught in Key Stage 3. New language is introduced by whole-class teaching using the interactive whiteboard, course-book, DVDs or CDs. Then it is practised with a partner or in a small group, using role-play and language games. The work is then consolidated by writing activities. Students will use ICT regularly. The German department also runs an exchange visit.


How will students be assessed?

In French, German and Spanish, the language is assessed at Foundation or Higher level.                



Foundation: 35 minutes

Higher: 45 minutes



Foundation: 45 minutes

Higher: 1 hour



Foundation: 7-9 minutes

Higher: 10-12 minutes



Foundation: 1 hour 10 minutes

Higher 1 hour 20 minutes


Examination board & course type

Edexcel - GCSE


What can studying this subject lead to?

The aim of these courses is to enable students to use the language confidently, both in Britain and abroad, and to give them an understanding and appreciation of the culture of the country where the language is mainly spoken. The GCSE course will give students a firm foundation for study at A level.

Revision Advice

A subject specific guide featuring key content, recommended resources and the specifications we cover in that particular subject can be downloaded below:





Teachers to contact for further information

French:         Dr V Ohakwe
German:        Mr A Cobbold
Spanish:        Miss T Jansingh