Information for Employers

Work experience introduces young people to the work environment and is the most important factor in shaping their perception of the world of work. It is a valuable part of their education where they are able to experience working in an adult environment, with its different disciplines, routines, procedures, technology and social structures, in a safe and supervised way. Importantly, students can develop essential key skills for the current job market by observing and participating in real tasks alongside your regular employees.

Last July we successfully placed nearly 250 of our students with over 235 employers for work experience. We really appreciated the effort that employers put into the programme, helping our students to see first-hand what employers look for when they are recruiting and how the subjects they study in school link into certain jobs. For many this was their first experience of the working environment and students came back positive and ready to focus their studies for the future.

We do appreciate these are challenging economic times, and that it is difficult for businesses to devote the time and resources to helping a young person get the most out of work experience. However, taking a work experience pupil should be straightforward and not as restrictive as you may think. Read our handy guide, it’s not exhaustive but will give you some guidance about the process.

Students are responsible for arranging their own placements and begin the process of contacting potential employers, using the skills they have learnt in their careers lessons. Students may contact you directly during this process, if this is the case and you have already offered the school a placement, please refer the pupil back to school where they can apply for your vacancy through the correct channels.  If you could direct all work experience communications through the Work Experience Administrator to avoid duplicate placements, it would be appreciated.

If you agree to take a pupil you will need to complete an Employer Placement Form and return it to Northgate. The Work Experience Administrator will request copies of your insurance certificates and young person risk assessments (where necessary) before the placement can commence. 

If you can offer a placement to one (or more) of our students, or would like to know more about what is involved in providing a work experience placement, then please contact the Work Experience Administrator via email


Employer's Letter

Employer's Placement Form

Employer's Guide