Year 11 Leavers' Week

The Year 11 Leavers’ Week events start on Tuesday 25th May 2021. During this week you will attend a series of talks, presentations and workshops that are designed to help you think about your future and reflect upon your experiences in education so far.

  • Please arrive in the Sports Centre car park near the Practice Hall by 08:45 ready for entering and registering in the Sports Centre on Tuesday morning.
  • Please ensure you are in school uniform. You will not need PE kit for this week.
  • Please bring with you your normal classroom equipment. You will be required to wear your face covering whilst entering and leaving the venues. Please ensure you have one available each day.
  • Registers will be taken throughout the day and will count towards your overall attendance.
  • Behaviour will be monitored closely over the week and students will only be permitted to go to the Celebration Party if they conduct themselves appropriately. We reserve the right to withdraw a Celebration Party ticket application from any student who does not meet our expectations and under such circumstances the cost of the ticket will be refunded.

Groupings for Events

You will be divided up into four groups during the week and allocated three seating numbers. These will be colour coded against your timetable. 

Click here to see which group you are in.

Events Listings

Please click on the relevant timetable below for a personalised timetable for your group.

Group 1 Timetable

Group 2 Timetable

Group 3 Timetable

Group 4 Timetable

During Tuesday to Thursday most events will take place in the Sports Hall, Practice Hall, Gym and the Trevor Nunn Dance Studio N9.

On Friday, Period 1 will be in your normal timetabled classroom with your regular teacher, however this will be a feedback and reflection session.

Please check your timetable and the online lists to ensure you are in the correct location each day at the correct time. This is an important final week for your secondary education, I would encourage you to make the most of this opportunity and enjoy the experience with the rest of your year group. The week will finish with your Leavers Assembly on Friday Period 3 and during this we will celebrate your time at Northgate with your Progress Director and Form Tutors.