Sixth Form Careers

Students are supported in the sixth form to explore the full range of post-18 options. At the end of Year 13, our students take up a variety of opportunities at universities and colleges, and in the workplace through apprenticeships, employment and volunteering. Throughout their time in the sixth form, students take part in careers lessons, are able access one-to-one careers guidance interviews and have the opportunity to complete work experience and volunteering as part of our enrichment programme.

There are so many resources available online that you can use to explore different workplaces, jobs, careers and courses from the comfort of your home.  As you begin to make plans for your future pathways, spend some time exploring the different resources that are available to you.

Should you have any queries or concerns regarding your future pathway, please contact Mrs Calder at

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Applying for Medicine, Dentistry & Veterinary Science

All applications for medicine, dentistry and veterinary courses have the early UCAS deadline of 15th October.

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Applying for Oxbridge

Applications for all courses at the University of Cambidge and the University of Oxford have the early UCAS deadline of 15th October.

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Apprenticeships provide a fantastic opportunity to young people who are keen to continue their learning in the workplace.

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Careers-Related Online Learning

The Barclays Lifeskills website will help you to continue to build your skills and to prepare for the future.

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Ex-student UCAS Applications

Ex-students who are applying for university in their gap year will still make their UCAS application through Northgate High School, as the school is your last place of study. 

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Further Education

Year 12 and Year 13 students have access to three years of funded post-16 provision, so taking a one-year college course might be an alternative to employment, an apprenticeship or a HE course.


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Gap Year

Some students will decide to take a gap year between finishing their A Level programme and starting at university, or with an employer or on an apprenticeship programme.

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General Careers Resources

The website is a great source of information and advice about the local labour market in Suffolk and Norfolk.

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Higher Education - Year 13 Students

Higher Education takes place at universities and further education colleges and normally includes undergraduate and postgraduate study.

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Higher Education - Year 12 Students

The UCAS search tool displays undergraduate courses and you are able to search on UCAS for course entry requirements.

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