Aims & Values

Northgate’s aims underpin everything that we do. They are a key part of the day‐to‐day life of the school and are at the core of our strategic planning.

Our aims are:

  1. Teaching for Learning: To encourage all learners to engage fully in their learning by developing lively, enquiring minds and valuing achievement.
  2. Inclusive Learning: To continue to develop an inclusive learning ethos by seeking to remove barriers and maximise opportunities for all.
  3. Behaviour for Learning: To encourage students to be actively involved in their learning and to embrace the Northgate Values of respect, determination and teamwork.
  4. Learning Community: To develop a strong school community that works in partnership with parents, the local community and other stakeholders.
  5. Learning Environment: To provide a safe, healthy, stimulating learning environment for students and staff, ensuring that appropriate resources are available to support the learning process.

The Northgate Values are Respect, Determination and Teamwork. Students are encouraged to demonstrate these values both in and outside of lessons.

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