Year 9

  • Go4Schools will be the main means by which class teachers will set tasks and help to structure learning.  We suggest that students structure their time working at home around their normal school timetable and complete the work that has been set for them on Go4Schools.
  • There are many resources on the Learning Portal, which can be accessed via the school website. The link is at the top right of the screen and students can log in with the username and password that they usually use on the school network. 
Preparing for GCSE's
  • In some subjects students will already have started their GCSE studies. If you have chosen to study GCSE Food, Prep and Nutrition and might be wanting to get a head start on this GCSE at home, please click on the document below to help get you started.
    GCSE Food Prep and Nutrition
  • The school has invested in access to a range of highly relevant GCSE resources that help students learn and revise key topics. These are specific to the exam boards that the students are studying at the moment. They can be found at: GCSEpod. Students have their own username and password. Please contact Miss Hallett via email if you any issues with access:
  • GCSE Bitesize contains useful revision materials, including short videos on key topics. Students should use the sections relevant to the exam boards specification/syllabus that they are studying.
  • The school has invested in a subscription for Hegarty Maths which provides practice questions and support for developing key skills. This can be found at: We also have , the login for this is: northgatehs and the password is: area. If you have any problems accessing either of these sites, please email Mr Dawson on:
  • For Year 9 students, FlashAcademy is an app-based platform which accelerates language and literacy acquisition for English Additional Language (EAL) and Foundation learners. More information on this can be found in the following document: Flash Academy info for Parents/Carers
Encourage reading for pleasure
  • Reading presents excellent opportunities for enhancing vocabulary and knowledge, in addition to being a relaxing and stress-free past time. If your daughter or son has the time, we would absolutely encourage that they read widely and freely! As a school we encourage students to to read for pleasure and recognise that this is a key and enriching part of the KS3 curriculum. There are lots of places where students can go to access free books. As a starting point we recommend:
    Other sites include: 
  • Finally, at Northgate, we subscribe to the website below which has hundreds of articles – it is great for all of the non-fiction reading that your daughter or son might encounter as they move through the school and progress on to their KS4 studies: This website requires them to use the following login details: Username: NORTHGATE1 (must be capitals) Password: 48796


Advice on Careers can be found here: Year 9 Careers

Student's ‘U’ Drive 

All files and folders which were stored on a student's ‘U’ drive have now been uploaded to their school OneDrive. Their files and folders can now be found in a new folder which we have added to their OneDrive called ‘U_Drive’.