Information for Parents and Carers

Northgate has a Work Experience Administrator who, with the support of the Northgate Careers Department, is responsible for delivering the Work Experience Programme.

You must give permission for your son or daughter to take part in the work experience program by signing the Parent/Carer Consent Form and returning it by Friday 19 January 2018. Pupils will not be able to apply for placements without it. It is also important that we have their most up to date medical and emergency contact details, as this form may be shared with an employer if it is relevant to their health, safety and well-being in the workplace.

Pupils are expected to find and arrange their own placements to cover the full work experience duration. The Work Experience Guide  and support from assemblies, lessons, parent/carers and the Work Experience Administrator will help pupils to achieve this. 

If a pupil is genuinely unable to secure their own work experience they will be able to access to the “Job Board” and apply for placements that the school has secured.  

Placements will not be confirmed with pupils where there is not a signed Parent/Carer Consent Form, Employer Placement Form or valid insurances in place. 

We are always looking for new placements for our pupils and if any parents or carers can offer a placement, or would like to know more about what is involved in providing a work experience placement, then please contact the Work Experience Administrator.

If you have any further questions regarding work experience or need any help then please contact the Work Experience Administrator via email [email protected].

Parents and Carers' Letter

Work Experience Parent and Carer Consent Form

List of Previous Work Experience Placements