Design Technology

Key Stage 3


Our Design & Technology curriculum explores a wide range of research, designing, planning, making and evaluating tasks. These are experienced across different curriculum subject areas that include Resistant Materials, Electronic Systems, Graphic Communication, Textiles and Food.

Students will experience the specialist tools and equipment associated with each subject area and become increasingly confident and experienced at using them to produce high quality outcomes.


What will students learn?

Please see the curriculum overview document at the bottom of this webpage.


How will students be taught?

Students will be taught through individual and small group work to explore subject knowledge and time will be given to explore and apply their new learning. Practical skills will be built up over time and reinforced through increasing the complexity of tasks. Practical fine motor skills are developed, and skill levels are improved with practice and experience gained from our projects. Students will build up their long-term memory through quizzing and knowledge testing via questioning. Practical demonstrations will be used to provide instruction and to reflect upon key skills and knowledge. Evaluation of practical work and reflection will be used to reinforce learning and offer suggestions for future improvement.


How will students be assessed?

Students will be assessed by conducting research that can be used in the design and planning sections of their project work. Hand drawing and computer design skills will be used to assess student’s designing abilities. Practical pieces of work will be assessed in order to provide feedback and assessment on practical skills and knowledge. Written evaluations will be used to assess a student’s ability to reflect upon their work and suggest improvements that could be made in the future.


Food and Textile Technology

All pupils study National Curriculum Food and Textile Technology and find both subjects enjoyable and valuable because of their relevance and importance to everyday life.

Pupils explore a wide variety of topics that give them an understanding of both subjects, enabling them to develop their creativity whilst gaining new skills.

Topics Covered in Food:

  • Food Hygiene & Safety
  • Healthy Eating
  • Seasonal Produce
  • Product Analysis and Modifying Recipes
  • Functions of Ingredients
  • Product Development & Design
  • Social / Moral / Economical / Environmental Considerations

Year 7 Ingredients List

Year 8 Ingredients List

Year 9 Ingredients List

Food Technology Allergies Policy

Topics Covered in Textiles:

  • Fibres - Properties and Performance Characteristics
  • Fabric Construction (Weaving, Knitting and Felting)
  • Surface Decoration Techniques
  • Cultural / Traditional / Modern Influences
  • Eco Issues
  • Design Development

For more detailed information about what is studied each term in Years 7 to 9, please see the Parents’ Curriculum Guides in the Learning/Curriculum section of the school website.

Design & Technology Curriculum Overview


Key Stage 4

Electronic & Mechanical Systems

This qualification focuses on the design process and understanding how to develop products to successful outcomes.

»

Timber and Metals

This qualification focuses on the design process and understanding how to develop products to successful outcomes.

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