Key Stage 3

History is an exciting and enjoyable subject because you get a chance to find out about real people and stretch your imagination investigating their lives.


What skills will you develop?

You will hone your detective skills as you weigh up historical evidence, your questioning skills as you investigate sources and artefacts from the past and your literacy skills as you learn to construct rigorous historical arguments.

For more detailed information about what is studied each term in Years 7 to 9, please see the Parents’ Curriculum Guides in the Learning/Curriculum section of the school website.


Key Stage 4

What will students learn and how will this be assessed?

The units are outlined below. 


 Understanding the Modern World

Germany , 1890 - 1945:
Democracy and Dictaorship

Conflict and Tension, 1918 - 1939 


 Shaping the Nation

Britain: Health and the People:
C100th to present day

Elizabethan England: c1568 - 1603

 All units are assessed by two exams in Year 11.


How will students be taught?

Students will be taught in a variety of ways, including group work, discussion, use of ICT and Internet research.

Students will develop a range of skills including:

  • How to write developed explanations
  • How to research and present information independently
  • How to summarise and cross refer a range of information
  • Effective use of ICT and Internet research


Examination board & course type



What can studying this subject lead to?

History links well to both careers and further study as it also develops self-confidence and the ability to deal with information, as well as building literacy skills.

History GCSE counts towards the English Baccalaureate.


Teacher to contact for further information

Miss Z Quinton