Textile and Fashion Design

Exciting and highly creative, this design course will be focused on the following elements:

  • Fashion design and illustration
  • Costume design
  • Constructed textiles
  • Printed and dyed textiles
  • Surface pattern
  • Stitched and/or embellished textiles
  • Digital textiles

Students can experiment in their sketchbooks with various textile-based media and develop ideas for a final garment based on their own inspiration and that of other artists and designers. This course will develop the pupil’s creative research, designing and manufacture skills. Pupils can use digital technology to print onto their own fabrics and develop these fabrics into a fashion garment or costume for a chosen client.


What will I learn?


You will learn how to collect inspirational images relevant to the project title and produce drawings and sketches from these. You will also learn how to critically analyse your investigation work. This will all be documented in your A3 sketchbook.


You will learn about different art and textile based media relevant to the project you are studying. You will learn how to manipulate these exciting decorative techniques and get time to do personal experimentation.


You will learn about new vibrant artists and designers, their work and their inspiration. You will be able to develop your own work in the style of one or more of your chosen artists. You will learn how to critically explain how you have been influenced in your own work.


You will learn how to develop your ideas into either a Fashion or Costume based final piece using traditional and contemporary methods of manufacture.


How will I be assessed?

Component 1: Portfolio (Portfolio and sketchbooks, Year 10/11)

  • No time limit
  • 96 marks
  • 60% of GCSE

Component 2: Externally set assignment (Practical Exam, Year 11)

  • Preparatory period followed by 10 hours of supervised time
  • 96 marks
  • 40% of GCSE


How will I be taught?

The course specification will be taught through a wide range of focussed practical tasks. The majority of work will be completed during lesson time and through set homework tasks. Assessment and the relevant feedback will be given on a regular basis.



Northgate High School offers A Level Textile and Fashion Design. Many students will progress through to higher education studying Design.


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