Health and Social Care

The Level 1/2 Award in Health and Social Care will be designed to encourage and inspire learners into following a worthwhile qualification that provides insight into the health and social care sectors. It will be designed to create independent learners that can make informed decisions about further learning opportunities or continuing into related career choices. Learners will develop both a critical and analytical approach to problem solving whilst gaining an understanding of personal development, health and social care sectors and services set within contemporary case studies.

This new qualification is designed to include contemporary issues in relation to health and social care in the UK, including dealing with issues and pressures in relation to political factors and funding, providing a clear grounding in the sectors for those learners that may choose to enter into related professions or further education and training.


What will I learn?

This qualification, the WJEC Level 1/2 Award in Health and Social Care, would be made up of three mandatory units and be 120 guided learning hours (GLH).

Unit 1 Human Development is based around the different ways that individuals grow and develop during the life stages, including the different factors that can affect growth and development. The unit will include detail on language, social and emotional development and factors affecting development, in addition to health definitions and indicators of physical health, to include data analysis and statistics.(External Exam)

Unit 2 Service Provision would enable learners to gain knowledge and understanding of the main health and social care services in order to meet the needs of individuals. This unit would also include the main employment sectors and job roles of individuals working in the sectors, including contemporary issues facing the sectors and service provision in the UK.
(Internal Assessment)

Unit 3 Health and Social Care Demographics is designed to equip the learner with the necessary grounding the subject in relation to contemporary issues in health and social care and the challenges facing the UK, to include: health statistics and contemporary issues in health and social care, the ageing population, political factors, the burden of disease and the long-term effects for health and social care provision in the UK.
(Internal Assessment)


How will I be taught?

The WJEC Level 1/2 Award in Health and Social Care qualification is designed for learners to gain the knowledge, understanding and skills required for some independent learning and development, not exclusively including:

  • a range of generic and transferable skills 
  • the ability to solve problems 
  • the skills of research 
  • an understanding of the demands of working in the sectors 
  • the ability to apply learning in related health and social care contexts

How will I be assessed?

WJEC Level 1/2 Award in Health and Social Care qualification is assessed as follows:

  • Unit 1 is assessed by external examination, set and marked by WJEC
  • Units 2 and 3 are assessed by centre-marked assignments, moderated by WJEC



The proposed WJEC Level 1/2 Award in Health and Social Care has elements of psychology, social policy and sociology that complement studies in humanities and related subjects. The main purpose of the qualification is to support access to further education and training, such as: 

  • Applied Level 3 in Health and Social Care (in development)

  • Level 3 in Medical Science

  • GCE in Sociology

  • GCE in Psychology

  • Access course in Nursing/Midwifery/Health Studies, The Forces.

Supportive for those wishing to work the apprenticeship or job routes into any care environment from babies to older adults.


Future Career Prospects

Teacher (primary and secondary), psychologist (children and adults), educational psychologist, social worker, nursing, nursery management, nursery nurse, child minder, care assistant, activities coordinator for adult care, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, care manager, youth worker, midwifery, mental health worker.


Examination Board

WJEC (Welsh Board)