Design Technology

Key Stage 3

Resistant Materials, Graphics and Electronics

Design and Technology forms the core of the National Curriculum Technology.

Pupils will develop their technological capabilities in a realistic situation through research, generating ideas, investigating, planning, making and evaluating their work and the work of others.

Design and Technology aims to:

  • provide pupils with a broad and balanced range of knowledge, skills and technological experiences
  • ensure well motivated pupils gain a sense of personal achievement through their practical work and an appreciation of the skills and workmanship of others
  • develop responsibility and concern for others as they are working and to learn to look after tools and equipment
  • encourage pupils to communicate their own ideas effectively and to apply other concepts and skills, i.e. Science, Mathematics and the use of Information Communication Technology.

Pupils will learn through a series of practical projects. They will develop their graphic skills and look at structures, mechanisms, and electronics.

They will work with wood, metal, plastics and card, and will experience a wide variety of tools and equipment.

Structures will be designed, built and tested. Mechanisms will be used to change motion and movement. Electronic components will be used to construct circuits and computers used to enhance project work where appropriate.

Tasks set are always accessible and applicable to both sexes and all ability ranges.


Food and Textile Technology

All pupils study National Curriculum Food and Textile Technology and find both subjects enjoyable and valuable because of their relevance and importance to everyday life.

Pupils explore a wide variety of topics that give them an understanding of both subjects, enabling them to develop their creativity whilst gaining new skills.

Topics Covered in Food:

  • Food Hygiene & Safety
  • Healthy Eating
  • Seasonal Produce
  • Product Analysis and Modifying Recipes
  • Functions of Ingredients
  • Product Development & Design
  • Social / Moral / Economical / Environmental Considerations

Year 7 Ingredients List

Year 8 Ingredients List

Year 9 Ingredients List

Food Technology Allergies Policy

Topics Covered in Textiles:

  • Fibres - Properties and Performance Characteristics
  • Fabric Construction (Weaving, Knitting and Felting)
  • Surface Decoration Techniques
  • Cultural / Traditional / Modern Influences
  • Eco Issues
  • Design Development

For more detailed information about what is studied each term in Years 7 to 9, please see the Parents’ Curriculum Guides in the Learning/Curriculum section of the school website.


Key Stage 4

Electronic & Mechanical Systems

This qualification focuses on the design process and understanding how to develop products to successful outcomes.

»

Timber and Metals

This qualification focuses on the design process and understanding how to develop products to successful outcomes.

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