July 2020 Year 11 Leavers

While a lot of the country has been put on hold for the moment, please be assured that your futures have not and the Careers team at Northgate is still here to support you as you prepare for starting a new chapter in your education in September.

It is important that you carefully consider all of the options that you have available to you, both now in terms of the offers that you have been made and, in the summer, when you receive your GCSE results. Given the current circumstances, we realise that for some of you, the decision on where to study and continue your learning in September may be harder than expected, but it is important that you fully consider all offers to make the right decision for your future. Although unconditional offers for courses and places of study are tempting, it is important that you take your time to decide on your next steps, making that final decision once you have received your GCSE results in August.

The Department for Education has developed a short animation film which summarises the options available to young people after GCSEs. This film can be watched here www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_xAQNNi4pA&feature=youtu.be.

A reminder of the support that is still available from Northgate High School and Suffolk County Council can be found in this ‘Time to Plan’ leaflet below:

Time to Plan

The Careers team at Northgate will be available in school when you collect your GCSE results in August, should you need any further support on the day. In the meantime, should you have any queries or concerns regarding your September pathway, please contact Mrs Calder vcalder@northgate.suffolk.sch.uk

Sixth Form

Northgate Sixth Form

The Sixth Form team and subject leaders have put together a ‘Pathway Programme and Challenges’ booklet for all applicants that will help them prepare for the courses they have applied to do at A Level. This booklet has been emailed to the address you provided in your application and contains competitions, subject challenges and lots of ideas for things to watch, read and listen to. You should find these resources interesting and engaging, they will really help you hit the ground running in September. If anything is unclear or you have any questions, please contact the Sixth Form team at  ‪northgatesixthform@northgate.suffolk.sch.uk


One have contacted all prospective students to confirm that enrolment will take place on 20th August 2020. They will make use of an online enrolment platform where you will be able to upload your results and receive confirmation of your programme at One through the platform. Students will receive more information about enrolment as the term progresses.

If you have applied to study at other local Sixth Forms from September, it is worth contacting them to see if they have any information to share with you so that you can prepare to join them in September.

FE College

Please keep an eye on how the FE colleges are altering their admissions criteria for September 2020. Suffolk New College and East Coast College are suspending their entry requirements and The Eastern Colleges Group (Abbeygate Sixth Form College, One Sixth Form College and West Suffolk College) are guaranteeing a place for every Year 11 who wants to study at the Group.

Applying for Further Education September 2020 Entry

Colleges are still taking applications for their September 2020 enrolment and although college sites are closed to visitors at the moment, staff are still working to support students who are looking to join their college in September. Virtual tours are available on college websites, where you can also complete an online application form.

Most of the colleges now have virtual walk throughs of their buildings. Click on the links to take a virtual tour of Suffolk New College, West Suffolk College, Suffolk One.

Suffolk New College

At Suffolk New College, you can apply for any of the courses that the college offers through their website www.suffolk.ac.uk. If you find the course that you are interested in studying, you will be able to apply for that course through the ‘Apply’ button on the course page. This will take you through to the college’s online application portal. On this page you will need to create an account and then fill in the application form.

If you have any questions, or need support with this, then the Suffolk New College applications team can be contacted on applications@suffolk.ac.uk and they will be happy to help. Once you have made your application, you will be able to track the progress of your application through this portal.

If you wanted to talk to someone at Suffolk New College about the courses they run, you can contact the college through the contact form on their website and Suffolk New College will make arrangements for the appropriate person to call you back www.suffolk.ac.uk/contact/contact-us.

Suffolk New College – September Enrolment Process

Suffolk New College has now published an update on its website regarding enrolment, which outlines how enrolment will look this September. Enrolment will be completed online, after students have signed up for the virtual taster day, so it is really important that you sign up for, and take part in, the virtual taster day.

Suffolk New College have emailed students giving information about how to enrol and details of the enrolment process for September courses can also be found here www.suffolk.ac.uk/enrolment. If you have any queries or issues with regards to the enrolment process, you are able to contact the enrolment team at Suffolk New College on applications@suffolk.ac.uk.


The future of new apprenticeship opportunities within the current situation is uncertain. Advice to young people wishing to progress into an apprenticeship would be to consider the industry that they wish to work within and the current viability of that industry. For example, anyone wishing to go into hospitality, retail (apart from food retail) or any kind of tourism would be advised to secure a full-time college place for these vocational areas.

Other areas such as construction, engineering and manufacturing are more complicated. Many will be looking to get core business back on track but may feel they need to concentrate on essential business tasks rather than supporting apprentices.

Colleges in the region, like Suffolk New College, are still actively supporting businesses to recruit apprentices and offers of employment are happening, albeit on a greatly reduced scale. Whilst there is not much activity on the national apprenticeship site, it is recommended that you contact Suffolk New College and West Suffolk College to see what apprenticeship opportunities they have available. They will have a greater understanding of their employers and will also be able to advise on what apprenticeship courses will be on offer, should you find your own employment for an apprenticeship.

It is important that you are aware that if you take up an offer at college for a full-time course, you can switch to an apprenticeship at a later stage once opportunities begin to open up in your chosen vocational area. Having college as a back-up plan for an apprenticeship is always good practice and even more important at this time.

Amazing Apprenticeships

The Amazing Apprenticeships website allows you to access a range of resources about the different apprenticeship opportunities. Visit their website at amazingapprenticeships.com/

You are also able to access live broadcasts (and recording of these broadcasts) at amazingapprenticeships.com/live-broadcasts/


The national Apprenticeships website provides general advice and information about apprenticeships. It also advertises current vacancies at www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship

Employment Opportunities in New Anglia

This is a great new website that is updated fortnightly with information about vacancies in New Anglia. The website is organised by sectors and has current jobs at all levels, also providing a great source of Labour Market Information newanglia.co.uk/employment-opportunities/

Apprenticeships New Anglia

Apprenticeships New Anglia are now up and running, supporting young people to get the best chance of securing an Apprenticeship. Visit their website for more information www.apprenticeshipsnewanglia.co.uk/

Apprenticeships Suffolk

Apprenticeships Suffolk are working with small and medium employers to encourage them to offer more vacancies. Apprenticeships Suffolk are happy to answer any questions and provide any support or advice required apprenticeships@suffolk.gov.uk


Fledglink is a free app for students ages 13+ which allows students to complete a digital CV and matches them with jobs, apprenticeships and other opportunities. For more information visit fledglink.com/


TCHC offer a number of programmes that can help young people to gain an Apprenticeship or those who need more support to continue in learning or training. For more information contact Tyrone Bradnam at tyrone.bradnam@tchc.net

JTL – Electrician and Plumbing & Heating Engineer Apprenticeships

JTL offer a range of apprenticeship programmes for anyone interested in a career in the building services engineering sector. They are still accepting applications and the JTL Apprenticeships offer the chance to learn a trade and earn a wage at the same time. For more information visit www.jtltraining.com/thinkagain/ or call 0800 085 2308.

Paragon Skills - Virtual Open Day events which will run every Wednesday from 1st July until 19th August, 9am to 5pm

Paragon Skills is a national apprenticeship training provide who offer a wide selection of programmes across many sectors.  To register to attend one of the Apprenticeship Virtual Open Day events, visit paragonskills.us11.list-manage.com/track/click?u=8f2b4c72a9d1bced4168ac66e&id=edab6d79c2&e=ecf0b7d30c

Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative

This project was set up by several Oxbridge students with the aim to connect university students from across the UK with young people who need free tutoring in any pre-GCSE, GCSE, or A-Level subject. To find out more information about this project and to sign up to receive support from a tutor visit coronavirustutoring.co.uk/about

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