Exam Results

Year 11 Exam Results

In 2017, our Year 11 pupils achieved the following results:

    • A Progress 8 score of 0.02, compared to 0 nationally.
    • An Attainment 8 score of 47.6.
    • 71% of pupils achieved grade 4 or above in English and maths.
      52% of pupils achieved grade 5 or above in English and maths.
    • 25% of pupils achieved the English Baccalaureate.

99% of pupils continued in education or training, or moved on to employment, compared to 94% nationally in 2015 (2017 figures not yet available).

Sixth Form Exam Results

In 2016, our Year 13 cohort achieved the following results:

In A Levels overall:

    • A progress score of 0.07, compared to 0 nationally
    • An average grade of C

In academic qualifications:

    • A progress score of 0.08, compared to 0 nationally
    • An average grade of C

The average grade for a student’s best three A Levels was C+.

97.6% of students following A Level or academic courses completed their main study programme, compared to a national average of 96.1%. No students at the centre followed the Applied General or Tech Level route.

Students retaking GCSE courses achieved the following:

    • In English a progress score of 0.75, compared to -0.10 nationally
    • In maths a progress score of 0.36, compared to -0.13 nationally

90% of students stayed in education or employment for at least two terms after 16-18 study, compared to 88% nationally.