Primary Pyramid

Liaison within the Northgate Pyramid is led by the headteachers of the following schools: Rushmere Hall, Sidegate, St Helen’s, St John’s, St Margaret’s, St Mary’s, St Matthew’s and Northgate High School. We work in partnership with Dale Hall, The Oaks and Whitton Community Primary Schools.


To improve the quality of learning and teaching in all schools through:

  • open communication regarding individual school’s strengths and weaknesses;
  • the sharing of good practice and expertise - both at the meetings and by arranging visits to partner schools;
  • joint research and development;
  • joint professional development designed to meet the needs of staff;
  • the development of teacher networks;
  • moderating and standardising attainment and progress;
  • strong transfer arrangements that enable pupils to maintain good academic progress;
  • developing strong collaboration between schools (including those in Academy Trusts) in Ipswich;
  • collaborating with local Teaching School Alliances.

Priorities from the North East Ipswich Plan:

  1. Maximise progress and raise attainment for all pupils so that they meet age-related expectations.
  2. Standardisation and moderation of schools’ assessment systems and procedures.
  3. Developing leadership expertise and the sharing of high quality of teaching and learning across the curriculum.
  4. Develop an innovative local curriculum based on best practice.

The Pyramid Groups are:

  • Headteachers’ Group
  • English Curriculum Group
  • Maths Curriculum Group
  • Assessment and Moderation Group
  • Inclusion Group (SEN & EAL)
  • EYFS Group
  • Transfer Group
  • Priorities for ALL Foundation Subject Groups (including RE & PSHEE):
  • Art/DT
  • Humanities (Geography and History) Curriculum Group
  • Computing Curriculum Group
  • Foreign Languages
  • Music
  • PE
  • Religious Education
  • Science